31 janvier 2013

How to prepare a summer wedding ceremony? 4 styles for your choice

In the first beginning, it should set a basic foundation for the wedding ceremony. Especially summarizing four favourate early summer wedding styles, and grasp the dreaming wedding ceremony in hand.
Warm secrets.
Main style: Easy going family style secret party.
The places for this wedding ceremony: Green villa style garden, own a pool or near to lake in remote areas or resorts.
The biggest expense for this kind of wedding ceremony are: the rental fees,outside wedding ceremony console, the cost of bulid the reception area.
The best proposal of the place: Beautiful style tent.
The main colors are: green, pink, daffodil.WD1561
The best modeling for bride: Short knee length princess style wedding dress match with big flower headwear or hat.
The best modeling for bridegroom: Casual suits.
The modeling of the bridesmaid: cotton knee length bridesmaid dress match with the bridal's wedding dress.It is better to use the pattern with flowers.
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The format of the banquet:Western buffet.
Before the guest leave, they will recall: What a sweet and warm wedding ceremony!
Especially and luxury.
The mainly style: Small sized, luxury, formal
Wedding places:A luxury canteen in city or in a banquet hall of the hotel.
The biggest expense of the wedding are: the food and the wines in wedding banquet.
The best patterns for decorate the wedding place: Utilize the light spot to create the feel of dreaming.
The best theme colors are: colorful fruit color,the purple series,decorated with gold and silver.
The best modeling for bride: Chapel train wedding dress
The best modeling for bridegroom:dark color suit.
The modeling of the bridesmaid:Simple design evening dress.
The format of the wedding banquet:Abundant french style banquet.
Before the guest leave, they will recall:This is the best dishes i have ever have! This is the best atmosphere i have experienced.
Romantic and elegant:
The overall style:Through some specific decorations to create a fairytale style wedding ceremony.Pure and Romantic.
Wedding place:botanic garden or vacant outdoor green lawn.
The biggest expense: Some lovely and dreaming detail decorations. Such as the peacock and the white swan in the famous play(the swan) to witness the vows of love.
The best plan for decorating the places: You can use flowers to piece your name and the name of the bride at the entrance of the wedding place.
The best colors are: milky yellow,dream light pink,mint green.
The best modeling for bride:Strapless sheath/colum wedding dress with small skirts.
The best modeling for bridegroom: Formal light color suit or swallowtail.
The best modeling for bridesmaid:Light color series knee length silky bridesmaid dress.
The format of the wedding banquet: Western banquet.
Before the guest leave, they will recall: It is touching as a fairytale!
Gorgeous characteristic
The main style: Rich of new ideas, exceeding all expectations.
The places: Club, loft or the place which witness your love with your lover.
The most expense of the wedding ceremony: The scheme of the wonderful programme and the costs of performers.
The best proposal of the wedding place decorations are: Just held the wedding ceremony like a large style party or activities.Utilizing bedazzling spot light to create the powerful vision.
The best color of the theme: Lustre sapphire, bright orange, perlite burgundy and Psychedelic silver.
The best modeling for bride:Short,bodice, and full of sexy wedding dress or gowns.
The best modeling for bridegroom:suit full of lustre.
The best modeling for bridesmaid: retro full length bridesmaid dress.
The format of the banquet:The combination of western style buffet and cocktail party.
The background music: Inviting the coolest DJ to play discs alive.

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16 janvier 2013

Light as fairy,Beloved feather wedding dress

Feathers were used as a mainly element in the design of a wedding dress was in fashion in europe recently.It looks very single and thick
if a wedding dress was only decorated with beads or laces. But if it add some feathers into a wedding dress,the feather waggled with the
movement of your body, the feel of lightness was increased a lot,also it can upper the motivation of elegance. Nowadays,you can find the
elements of feathers in many advanced customized wedding dress brands.


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The chicken feathers and ostrich feathers are the two kind of feathers used mostly in a wedding dress.But when it talks to a chicken
feather,many people may have a thought that it is very cheap, but in fact after bleaching and dying, the pure cocktail feather will looks
very superior and with good texture.It can be used in a corset,the tiny radian can match your chest shape very well. While the usage of
ostrich feathers is more freestyle,it can be decorated in laces,looks like a fairy in a fairy tale.
Here let me introduce some styles of wedding dresses with feathers decoration.
In 2010,there is a very popular wing feather wedding dress.The feathers were neatly arranged in the chest area and on the waist
area,decorated with beadings and laces at the tail part of a feather.And the corset was made of half-transparent organza,also matched with
binding fish bone,the skirt was covered with tiered petal shape tulles,it looks like elegant and charming bellet dancers.
In the year 2010,we focus on using ostrich feathers. Because they are very light and full of elastic,decorated those ostrich feathers in a
wedding dress,it lookd extrodinary beautiful when it waggled with the movement of your body.
The style of black and white wedding dress was introduced before. Decorated black ostrich feathers in laces separately,it will recall us
the black Swan in The Swans.The hand craft of this ivory wedding dress is very similar to the black one.it has a very great effect either.
At last, i want to introduce this white wedding dress,it was decorated with the feathers in satins,it is a bit different in vision; thick satin with the light feathers,which can results in a very strong comparison. Lovely elements were added in a solemn feeling wedding dress.
It looks amazing.
Also we can make a very classic corset with feathers decorations. It is very classic and full of elegance, it can be match up with
different skirts according to customers different tastes.

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09 septembre 2012

Best Guide for You to Choose Best Cocktail Dresses 2012

Cocktail parties are hot among young men & young females, for it is a nice time for them to get together & make new friends & it can also make the pretty girls stand out in the party by the exquisite make-up, dress-up or some luxury accessories. So how can females stand out the crowd? For the fascinating cocktail occasion, the pretty hot cocktail dresses are necessary. On hand, cocktail dress is another kind of style of the evening gown in short length. With ideal women's cocktail apparel, you can see that pretty females ought to have the pretty gowns to help them shine out the party.

On another hand, you can also find that your pretty in the evening cocktail party can help you make a deep impression on all the people attended at the occasion. But another issue for females is how they can get the best cocktail dresses 2012. In case you are going to a cocktail evening party together with your nice friends & have decided to wear a short cocktail dress to show off your pretty long legs & your charming cleavage. You can also take a glance at the following suggestions for you to select the right cocktail apparel.

Another factor which is also important is color. The best color can give you fabulous look. Hot pink cocktail dresses for girls can absolutely help you shining in the cocktail evening party and can also make your fabulous simultaneously. The sweet pink can make you young and lovely. You can also choose some bright color like the lemon yellow to make people focus on you. When choosing the color, you ought to also take your skin color in to account. The dark skin tone does not match with the colorful apparel and the pink is ideal for the dark skin tone. For pink can make your skin color brighter.

Just like other styles of gowns like the prom & formal gowns, the cocktail dresses have plenty of kinds of styles. You can choose your cocktail dress 2012 according to your own hobbies and your own body shape. The hobbies and body shape are main factors for you when selecting your right occasional apparel and the body shape directly decides the size you will wear. In case you don't like to make a choice among the large range of various cocktail gowns, the little black dresses are also lovely choice. As you know, nowadays not every woman love going shopping outside, while they love shopping online. You can select the short cocktail dresses which help show off your charming long legs.

This is the best guideline for girls who are now looking for the right cocktail dress. keep on looking. You will feel it was useful. Girl who write this editorial is absolutely fashionista. Her name is annalee, & you can follow her. Thank you!

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